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Blink Flash Duncan

Blink Flash is an artistic show for children, a laboratory to awaken dance as a language of expression. Isa, a brave and curious girl, discovers hidden objects in the scenic space. Each object has a vital experience in synergy with emotion, color and music. We seek to awaken the emotional imagery of children, to give a variety of forms, rhythms, qualities, dynamics. We will tell you a last secret, these seven objects have seven vital experiences of Isadora Duncan. Children will not see it, neither do we, but she will have given us a path to freedom, towards the discovery of the movement itself, towards creativity, towards illusion.

Creation and interpretation: Montse Roig
Choreography: Marina Cardona and Montse Roig
Dramaturgy: Joan Casas
Original music: Aida Oset
Sound space: Aida Oset and Toti Arimany
Scenography design: Maria Alejandre  replica watches
Construction of stage design and accessories: Maria Alejandre and Quico Sànchez
Lighting: Marc Lleixa
Video Projections: Sílvia Isach
Wardrobe: Miranda Méndez
Production: Caroline Giffard


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