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Video mapping

What is video mapping?

It's the video projection technique applicable on all types of media, also known as 3D mapping, videomapping or projection mapping. A particular form of augmented reality in which audiovisual content is carried out and adapted to the shape of the static surface on which it is going to be projected.

The mapping images of each project are created exclusively for each surface and fit seamlessly into it to bring it to life. In this way, thanks to 3D mapping, a fascinating and unforgettable user experience is achieved for the viewer.

Thanks to technological advances, video mapping has gained popularity and accessibility, both in events, in advertising, and in the contemporary art scene. Institutions and companies find videomapping a perfect ally for promotional and experiential marketing to achieve, in a different and current way, the successful impact they seek in audience.

We are specialists in video mapping

Sínoca works this revolutionary way of attracting glances, demonstrating to what extent mapping can optimize the power of a message or concept through the union of art, technology and communication. Whether it is to define a before and after of a brand, to leave an indelible impression on the public's mind or to explore new techniques to attract consumers, the possibilities of mapping projection are limitless for different areas of application and with optimal results.

Passion to work concepts, love for image and new technologies mixed with creativity and enthusiasm is the engine of Sínoca to transform the needs of clients into authentic shocking and fast viral experiences. With this method we open a wide spectrum of original proposals by making video mapping projected on any type of surface that we transform into an immersive visual journey. Whether it is architectural mapping on a building facade, mapping on a car, on retail products, on installations, mapping on human body, mapping cake on a wedding cake, videomapping within museums, on stage and concert sets, mapping projections for dance, among other formats. If you need advice or have an idea for your video mapping project, please contact us.



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